Mark Thwaite

Mark Thwaite is the founder and managing editor of the UK-based literary website ReadySteadyBook, described by The Times as "one of the best places on the web for clever, wise, sparky book-related discussions and reviews."

Since August 2014 Mark has been Head of Digital at the "renowned, even legendary award-winning independent bookstore." In June 2015, Mark was named as one of the Bookseller's rising stars:

"Thwaite has been at the forefront of publishing’s digital outreach for more than 15 years, and at Foyles he may now have a platform on which to truly extend himself...[He has] been brought in by Foyles to 'revaluate [its] online offer and think about how it complements [its] bricks-and-mortar operation'."

Before that, from October 2010, Mark was Head of Online at the award-winning Quercus Books and MacLehose Press. And since 2013, he has also been a non-executive Director with the poetry publisher Carcanet Press, described as "one of the outstanding independent literary publishers of our time."

Mark was named as one of the Hospital Club 100 -- a list of the most influential people in the creative industries -- in both 2008 and 2009, and he was also listed as one of The Bookseller's 100 most influential people of 2009.

Mark's articles and reviews have appeared in, amongst other places, the TLS, the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, The Bookseller, Context, Hesperus Magazine, Ink magazine, Crime Time, Perspectives, PN Review, the Poetry Foundation Journal, and, of course, on ReadySteadyBook where he is the principal contributor and where he writes the popular ReadySteadyBlog. He has also written for the Sunday Times and the Independent.

Mark regularly gives talks on blogging, social media, internet retailing and marketing, books and writing.

A librarian by profession, Mark has been working on the internet for about fifteen years (for, then for The Book Depository, for Quercus, and now for Foyles). He is available for public speaking, general advice about writing, ecommerce, social media use, blogging and book-marketing and, of course, for freelance writing projects.

Mark has been interviewed online by Scarecrow and by bloggasm. You can find out what else he is doing via Twitter.