Lee Rourke

Lee is the Managing Editor of Scarecrow.

Scarecrow was founded in October 2004 as an online forum for book reviews, literary comment, short fiction and nation-wide art when, quite disillusioned with events in the publishing world, Lee Rourke decided to turn his back on the mainstream bookish blatherskites and focus primarily on misunderstood, ignored and abandoned underground and independent literary fiction and culture.

Scarecrow continues to bang the drum for the unheard, the unconventional, the eccentric, the revolutionary and the radical and long may it continue. Scarecrow has also evolved into a showcase for published and unpublished writers of short fiction and poetry and receives submissions from all corners of the globe each week - some make its pages most don't. Scarecrow's editor is particularly proud of its diverse and growing mix of style and attitude. Onwards, as Lee Rourke would say.

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