I'm hearing good things about Johnny Rich's novel The Human Script ("One of the most intelligent books about science I have ever read," says Tom McCarthy), published ebook only by Red Button Publishing:

The Human Script tells the story of Chris Putnam, a rather introverted young research scientist who is working on the human working on the Human Genome project. Chris lives in London with his flat-mate Elsi, a perpetually stoned philosophy enthusiast who indulges, and engages with Chris’s existential dilemmas offering sympathy, tea, advice and an endless stream of joints. Emerging from mourning a lost relationship with his boyfriend Gill, Chris is just beginning to enjoy life again when he receives news of his estranged father’s death. Chris’s estrangement from his father stems from their disparate world views. Chris being gay, and more significantly an atheist inevitably disappointed his Calvinist father (more...)

Readers Comments

  1. I was put on to this book by a friend and then saw your comment. Whoever tipped you the wink about this one was absolutely right. It's one of the best novels I've read in a long time. Intriguing, challenging, but utterly compelling and readable. I can't believe it's not more widely known about.

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