The Emblem of My Work is the title of the exhibition that will open in the gallery at Shandy Hall in September 2011.

The Emblem of My Work will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the marbled page (page 169) in Volume III of Tristram Shandy and will be largely put together by chance.

The variety of interpretations in the Black Page exhibition delighted visitors and the results of this challenging request will be fascinating to see.

Each of the 73 artists who generously created a Black Page for the exhibition in 2009 have been asked to participate in this exhibition and each has been asked to nominate another artist / writer / composer to take part. This will bring the total number of participants to 146.

A further 23 will be specifically invited making the total of exhibitors 169.

Each contributor will be sent blank templates of page 169 (see above) and each will create the emblem of their work within the boundaries of the rectangle.

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