Georges Perec fans will doubtless have noted that a nice wee hardback of Art and Craft of Approaching Your Head of Department to Submit a Request for a Raise has just landed in the shops.

The publishers, Vintage, gloss it thus:

So having weighed the pros and cons you've decided to approach your boss to ask for that well-earned raise in salary but before you schedule the all-important meeting you decide to dip into this handy volume in the hope of finding some valuable tips but instead find a hilarious, mind-bending farcical account of all the many different things that may or may not happen on the journey to see your boss which uses no punctuation or capitalisation and certainly no full stops

It follows the publication last May of An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris (Wakefield Press), and recent reissues, also by Vintage, of W or The Memory of Childhood and Things (which is one of my favourite Perec's, actually).

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  1. Charles Lambert Thursday 24 March 2011

    It's a lovely little book, great fun to read and typically well translated by David Bellos, who must have regarded it as pure relaxation after A Void. And it's good to see the other books reissued too. You're absolutely right about Things, which is a wonderfully funny serious book, but my favourite Perec and, along with Sebald's Emigrants, one of the most extraordinary, and extraordinarily oblique, takes on the Holocaust ever written is W or the Memory of Childhhod, a book I never cease recommending. I have the old Harvill edition, but this one looks very attractive too.

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