Just an affirmative shout, if one were needed, for the LRB blog. Recent posts have included excellent articles on the Wellcome Collection’s High Society exhibition and Jeremy Hardy Harding on human rights violations in Western Sahara, but I think my favourite, dating back to the end of November, was a piece by James Meek on the Irish bank bail out:

You could be forgiven for not noticing it, but the new British government has just been forced to do what the old British government was forced to do: bail out Britain’s banks. The bail-out of Ireland marks a new stage in the privatisation of government by the financial system. Two governments, the British and the Irish, have been effectively taken over by a venal banking network which, using ordinary savers and productive businesses as hostages, forces the state to cough up whatever sums are required to save it from the consequences of its own greed and idiocy.

Even before coming to power the dominant Conservative side of Britain’s governing coalition was making Gordon Brown the scapegoat for the UK being broke, maxed out, skint, and claiming that only by savage cuts in state spending could Britain hope to salvage some vestige of public services among the ruins. Why, then, is this same British government about to lend Ireland, a member of the Eurozone, some £7 billion to see it through its current financial difficulties? (More...)

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  1. Thanks for this! One tiny thing -- it's Jeremy Harding, not Jeremy Hardy...

  2. Ha! Thanks for that Thomas... Oh, we do like a good Freudian slip...

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