Under the Dome: Walks With Paul Celan by Jean Daive (translated by Rosmarie Waldrop) "is an intimate testimony of the poet’s last, increasingly dark years before his suicide. The book tells of the friendship of the author with Paul Celan, their collaborations translating each other, their walks, their conversations, their tensions, their silences, and, discreetly, of Celan’s crises and final suicide in 1970:"

Part memoir, part prose-poem, the book blurs the time of these encounters (1965 -1970) with the present of the author writing, 20 years later, on a Mediterranean island. He thinks and writes about Celan, about the women that led him to the poet, about other encounters that take place under the sign of Celan: Tarkovsky, Marcel Broodthaers.

Encounters, shared conversations, looks, dialogues, silence, angers, rebellion. Paris: the Luxembourg Garden, the Square of the Contrescarpe. And, finally, the questions: who are we, and how can we read the unreadable world.

And you can read a nice selection from Under the Dome over at Golden Handcuffs Review.

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    Very interesting site. Hope to return often.

  3. Congrats on your mention in The Times this morning.

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    dein goldenes Haa Margarete, dein aschenes Haar Suliamit - surely one of the loveliest modern poems ever.
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