I'm not a great one for reading challenges (it is, as I've written before, sometimes quite enough of a challenge simply to read anything at all), but as 2010 has seemingly become my "Year of Shakespeare" I'm thinking of joining the folk over at 38 Plays: 38 Days in their effort at reading each of Shakespeare's 38 plays in as many days...

Yes, it is a somewhat brutal rush through a corpus that should be lovingly savoured but, at the same time, I'm rather excited by the idea that by early April I could have read the whole lot and then I might know which ones I need to return to (to do the loving savouring bit) sooner rather than later.

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  1. irresistible... finally a chance to fill in those gaps!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out and the support!

    As you say, the project is a bit crazy and brutal - there's certainly not a lot of time to catch one's breath. My hope is that this intense, whirlwind tour will result in a few people picking up a play that they might not have read otherwise and also provide a nice overview that will enrich subsequent (and more leisurely!) readings.

    It's great to know that you're up for some reading. I enjoyed reading your Hamlet and King Lear articles and can't wait to read your future Shakespeare-inspired posts!

    All the best,

    38 Days: 38 Plays

  3. I remember the parte that I stud on stage for 5 mitins waiting for prospro it was fun I love being on stage I have cofedent to stand on stage and read I have improved on my reading so I foundit easyer to I LOVE THAT moment I will nerver firget that .if I have a nother moment I will do it I LOVE gowing on stage LOVED THAT TIME..

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