To help keep things moving here on ReadySteadyBook, the matchless Mr Rowan Wilson -- a very dear friend, and already a contributor to the site and regular commenter -- will, in the future, be blogging alongside me. He'll be writing one or two pieces a week, so do please make him very welcome...

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  1. I know that you are aware of the Purple Martin roost near 17th street Marketplace I worndeed if you were aware of the roost in the industrial chimney of the Garbers Door bldg @ 2201 E Franklin St? we are currently living in a building across the street, and the phenomenon at dusk is a magical spectacle! hundreds, if not thousands of the birds (I assume they are the same species, I cant tell in the fading light) circle the chimney, creating a large, ballet-like, chirping vortex, that after a few minutes begins to disappear into the chimney top the entire process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and is mesmerizing I would recommend it to anyone in the area ..have a great day!..: )Randy Thomas

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