You may recall Luther Blissett's Q from four or five years back. Well, because the Luther Blissett "shared name" is dead, the Italian anarchists who wrote Q under that moniker now write as Wu Ming. They have a new book out, called Manituana, following their earlier 54. More details about this via the Manituana website.

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  1. Excellent news. Both Q & 54 were splendid novels. I learnt more about anabaptism from reading Q than I could ever have hoped to know...and yet, here it is, standing me in good stead, as I grapple with the various reformationist heterodoxies in mid-17th Century Amsterdam!

  2. My learnings, limited as they are, in this fascinating area mostly come from "The Pursuit of the Millennium: Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages" by Norman Cohn which is really wonderful...

  3. Interestingly John Gray says that Cohn's book was the book that changed his life:
    I'm tempted to agree but almost for inverse reasons!

  4. As I recall, Luther (!) depicted the anabaptists as proto-anarcho-communists. You could just about imagine Christopher Hill (had he too been the nom de guerre for a more or less mild mannered English syndicate of anarcho-commies) doing the same for Winstanley & his Diggers, with Parson Platt cast as the dastardly Q...but I don't suppose this is quite the line Cohn takes.

  5. Actually David Caute kind of did that with his novel Comrade Jacob about the Diggers...

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