Well, the world has been waiting for this, for sure (via the Future of the Book blog)!

Something is growing in South London... Spread the Word challenges writers to write and publish a book about London in just 24 hours

In collaboration with if:book, The Society of Young Publishers and, Spread the Word has commissioned The 24 Hour Book, a groundbreaking project to challenge a group of writers to write a new story about London in just 24 hours (more...)

Readers Comments

  1. Has the world been waiting for a sharpened stake to be shoved up its arse too?

  2. Makes me think of Barbara Campbell's 1001 nights cast project & also the Serpentine's Long Relay

    But I'd rather have written Stephen's comment.

  3. As part of my Spread the Hangover program, I hereby invite all and especially sundry to my flat in Buenos Aires for a 24 hour wine-making challenge. I have 10 bunches of malbec grapes, five tubes of hygenic gel in alcohol, some oak bark and a radiator. The reasoning being that whilst I am an avid wine drinker, the length of time it took to make a really good vintage has always somehow interfered with my enjoyment.

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