From Steven Fama's blog the glade of theoric ornithic hermetica (don't blame me for the daft name!):

... despite, or maybe because of it ambiguous character given its prose, and somewhat occult status, Cities – a most fantastic work by Robert Kelly – ought to be celebrated as poetry, and more widely read. And thus the mission here today, in the glade: to show and tell a bit about Cities and its prose poetry, and perhaps encourage some to go out a find it (more...)

Steven suggests that Robert's Cities is hard to find -- the limited edition is, but the piece was reprinted in A Transparent Tree which should be a little easier to get your hands on.

Readers Comments

  1. Thanks much, Mark, for the helpful info re Cities being available in an omnibus collection.

    I've put an update at the bottom of my post, including a link to your post, and in the main part of the post where I first discuss the availability of the work, I've added a bracketed statement directing folks down to the update.

    Daftily yours,

    Steven Fama

  2. Come on people, there was a post not long ago in which they shweod that they are thinking of an interesting story.You act like you haven't seen any of the Blender open movies. Even the first one had an interesting message, even though AFAIK in that short they really didn't care that much about the story.Here's a short movie that was made with no budget just for fun, presents excellent 3D stuff (just look at the comment who asked if the hat was a prop or rendered), and the thing you can do is troll about the story and cast.Yes, they know about scripts. Sintel?

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