Very warm review of Paul Griffiths' let me tell you over on Dan Green's blog which I should have mentioned last week:

...the pleasure one takes in a work like let me tell you is precisely the pleasure of witnessing in a particularly intent way the way a writer is using a structural device to bring character and event into existence (more...)

Good stuff from Dan on Aharon Appelfeld recently too:

I also have trouble reading Appelfeld's novels as allegories, as many other reviewers and critics seem to do, although in their relative brevity and episodic structure they undeniably do seem closer to fabulation than to slice-of-life realism. The two most recent of his novels to be translated into English, All Whom I Have Loved and Laish, might especially seem to invite allegorical interprepation, but while I would not begrudge readers their attempt to find in these novels the kind of accessible "meaning" usually associated with allegory, assuming that the allegorical content is an adequate measure of what Appelfeld's fiction has to offer seems to me at best mistaken and at worst just a way of assigning it to some manageable category that excuses inattentive reading (more...)

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