Before I rest up for the weekend, a coupla things to draw your attention to:

  • Steve provides us with "a selection that might be called The Best of This Space"
  • The Armies by Colombian writer Evelio Rosero, translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean, has won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize (as you know, I was judge, and I'm still scratching my head as to how come Dag Solstad's Novel 11, Book 18 wasn't even shortlisted!)
  • interviews over on The Book Depository site with historian Andy Beckett ("The British 70s are full of political surprisess if you make yourself look at them with fresh eyes... the Labour vote in the 1979 election actually went up, especially among wealthier voters -- the idea that the behaviour of the unions sent the electorate running screaming away from Labour is a myth...") and Thomas Traherne expert Denise Inge ("Readers with imagination fall for Traherne. He takes you on unexpected interior journeys into desire and lack, infinity, time and eternity. Reading him isn't always easy since the language of his day is so different from ours and his world view sometimes challenges the assumptions of our time, but he will thrill, surprise and exhaust you...")
  • a brief interview with Béla Tarr
  • trailer for new Godard film Socialisme

Readers Comments

  1. Lara Pawson Friday 15 May 2009

    We went to the Tate. It was a very good evening. I was there with Bernardine Evaristo, whose superb writing got her longlisted on the Orange prize this year. (Blonde Roots for those of you who don't know). There was masses of champagne - as my head learned today with regret - and a free book too! But, more seriously, Boyd Tonkin gave a very thoughtful speech packed with integrity, as did Anne Mclean who was up as translator for two books. And it was a real shame you weren't there because I wasn't the only person looking forward to meeting you! Someone said something about your shoulder and I wondered how that small white fluffy dog could do such a thing...

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