At the weekend, my dogs were "jumped" by a rather enthusiastic Black Russian Terrier (imagine a schnauzer the size of a Great Dane and you're almost there). Sadly, Silus, who was quite a lovely thing actually, was far too much of a beast for the elderly lady who was looking after him. She lost control of Silus as we walked past them and was almost dragged to the ground. Consequently, I had to grab our manic mutt before he did himself, or my dogs, any damage. Rather painfully, Silus pulled my shoulder half out of its socket. At the moment, then, typing, as you can well imagine, is not my favourite activity!

Despite this, I manfully took myself of to the badlands of Salford on Monday night to see the excellent Machinefabriek. This evening brings Jóhann Jóhannsson. I commend both to you for your listening pleasure.

Readers Comments

  1. Oh, Mark, how awful. Sending hopes that it heals fast...what an ordeal...

  2. Rowan Wilson Friday 15 May 2009

    Is it too unkind to suggest that one should invest in dogs that are big enough to look after themselves? Rest up, sweetcakes!

  3. Hey Chris, hiya Leora -- I'll live, don't you worry!!

    Hey Rowan, my wee poppets were just about to kick that Black Russian's hairy butt -- small dogs attack like piranhas. I was saving him from the considerable embarrassment of being beaten by two angry, barking, minature ewoks!

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