As part of Jewish Book week, on Sunday March 1st at 2pm "Paul Verhaeghen and Boyd Tonkin discuss moral choices, writing history and translating one's own work into English." Verhaeghen, as you'll recall, won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize last year with "his extraordinary novel Omega Minor, an exploration of the world of Nazis and Neo-Nazis alike, the destructive logics of The Holocaust and the Bomb, truths that kill and lies that keep alive, passionate love and devouring lust. "

Readers Comments

  1. One of the more common complaints among reviewers of Omega Minor, in the UK at least, was that it had too much sex in it. I talked about the sex in the novel in my review (, and Paul Verhaeghen, in his blog Babylon Blues (, very generously referred to my comments as proof that at least one reader had grasped what he was up to. I was very impressed by the book, despite a few reservations, and I fully intend to take up the author's offer of a beer just as soon as I get the chance.

  2. Neither of the links to the blogs works but I managed to find them.

    "The novel’s over-written at times". At times!

  3. Hmm, yes, sorry about the links - the second bracket and comma seem to have incorporated themselves into the site address in both cases. Take them off and you shouldn't have any problems...

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