Via wood s lot -- Figures of Subjective Destiny: On Samuel Beckett by Alain Badiou:

Why there is a close relationship between poetry and philosophy, or more generally between literature and philosophy? It’s because philosophy finds in literature some examples of completely new forms of the destiny of the human subject. And precisely new forms of the concrete becoming of the human subject when this subject is confronted to its proper truth.

I name figure this textual presentation of forms of the subjective truth. The figures are of great interest for a philosophical theory of the subject. My example today will be some figures that we discover in the novels of Samuel Beckett (more...)

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  1. "Why there is a close relationship between poetry and philosophy" -

    Why *is there* surely? Not your fault of course.

  2. I was going to change it, but as it is a quote that felt wrong, so the infelicity remains - perhaps to remind us that this is a translation?

    But, saying that, is it!? Did Badiou write this in English? I can't imagine he did, I'm sure I remember hearing that his English was actually pretty poor (better than my French though, doubtless!)

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