Flippin' heck! (I so have speed envy):

One day a reader came into the library and we got chatting about reading in general and he said that he had been on a speed reading course as he found he had lots to read and peruse during his working life and needed to get through things more quickly. This was a three day course and at the end of it they had been given Animal Farm by George Orwell as their speed reading task and he was delighted to find that he could now read it in 45 minutes. I beamed at him and said how wonderful and did not tell him that I had read it in half an hour as I did not want to upset him (more...)

Readers Comments

  1. Yep, I brought myself a Speed Reading Course, and suddenly It feels like I'm superman or something, its amazing, deeply recommended, feel free anytime to check:

  2. Well, if no one else is going to do the Woody Allen joke, I will.

    I went on a speed reading course once. We read War And Peace. It involves Russia.

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