I quite fancied reading Mark Rowlands's The Philosopher and the Wolf, but Jenny Diski has rather put me off calling it an "emotionally lamentable memoir":

Rowlands was in his twenties when he bought Brenin, a hybrid wolf-dog puppy. It was the early 1990s and he was lecturing in philosophy at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In his spare time he hung out with the students, getting through a bottle or two of bourbon a night, playing rugby and lending Brenin to his team mates because, of all their big, bold dogs, Brenin was the best “chick magnet. In fact, they used a slightly different expression: more colourful, but not really repeatable”. There is a good deal more testosterone in this autobiography than an older cat-keeping lady can easily relate to.

More than a spitz-loving blogger can probably cope with too, then! (Fact-checking, my understanding is that Brenin, Rowlands' "dog", was actually pure wolf, or so Rowlands was assured. You can buy a wolf-dog hybrid in the States that is up to 96% wolf, but buying and selling pure wolves is illegal. Rowlands didn't know this when he bought Brenin, and says he wouldn't have cared that much anyway.)

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  1. Jonathan Derbyshire Saturday 29 November 2008

    Mark, I've treated Rowlands' book a little more generously here:

  2. Had he done more research, he would have found that the dog he was calling a wolf was neither hybrid or wolf but an Alaskan Malamute pure dog.

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