Some background, via 3Quarks, on recent Nobel laureate Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio from The Australian:

Although the recipient of several prizes recognising his vast body of work -- more than 40 novels, essays, collections of short stories and translations -- Le Clezio has at times been disparaged as a naive and sentimental writer by the Parisian literati. Through his writing and relatively infrequent media appearances, he engages with serious global issues and causes close to his heart. He speaks out against the exploitation of children as soldiers and prostitutes, whaling, environmental degradation, racial discrimination and world hunger. But he has never been awarded France's top literary honour, the Prix Goncourt, nor mooted for a place among "the immortals" in the French Academy.

He has only recently stepped into the kind of roles that a writer of his stature might normally assume. As a member of the jury for the Prix Renaudot, and the Prix des cinq continents de la Francophonie (Prize of the Five Francophone Continents), he finally exerts some notable influence on the French literary landscape. And now, as a Nobel laureate, that influence may extend to all the countries in the world where he was, until October 9, practically unheard of (more...)

Readers Comments

  1. I;m enjoying hi work very much these days. I think his simplicity in style can mislead critics into thinking he is dismissable. His tone is interesting, not so much the voice of realism but of real life sounding like its being told as a fable, softly, gently, a child-like emotional abandon which is tender to me, not sentimental. Sometimes that direct feeling is the hardest to make work on a page and I think he succeeds impressively. I hope to have more to say about his writing soon, I'm new to his work and don't regret at all picking it up. There's a humility to his work, very rare these days.

  2. le clezio deserved it and i can not understand the attack of american mass media against to horace engdahl
    in europe we have democracy and horace engdahl, express his opinion about american literature,that doesnt mean that american literature has low quality.i can add that greek literature is more isolated than american and we dont have huge literature names
    greek writers and poets are unknown maybe because they admire alot american literature and the sellings of their books are very low
    greek editors do not have open minds like europeans and they dont chase provocative or critical books for regimes.they prefer to publish stories with cows,desperate housewifes and women in hysteria

    it is logical with such kind of themes the greek books to sell few copies and the most of greek editors do not make any movement to promote greek writers or [poets in europe or america
    it contains the forbidden in greece erotonomicon that socked greek society with its sexual and political context and the poems new yorl olympia and exhibition of orthodromic retrospection

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