BookTrib is a new, US-based aggregator which claims it is "the place where you can find all the book news that matters from all over the web. It’s also the home of The Great American Book Giveaway, where every week you can win books -- free books -- no strings."

At the moment, all the links on their homepage seem to be to the Complete Review's Literary Saloon, but presumably they'll get this sorted:

BookTrib is the result of our endless searching for book news, reviews, and gossip. We yearned for a single place, a starting point, where we could find all the book news as it’s updated, all the time. That’s what BookTrib is, an aggregator that gathers the best, the most outrageous, the most fun, informative, and creative blogs that relate to books and puts them all in one easy to find place.

Readers Comments

  1. The reason the Literary Saloon is being "featured" is due to the publication date ("pubDate") is missing from it's RSS feed. So the BookTrib only have it's "last fetch date" to refer to.

    I'm curious to know if M.A.Orthofer is manually creating his RSS feeds?

  2. If it is a "complete ripoff" then it would seem to me to be not an insult, but rather recognition of what Bud has done. This has virtues because it is simpler than the fabulous MetaxuCafe, the "two-bit aggregating" system making it very easy quickly to see what is going on -- and, actually, it is more of a "complete ripoff" of our than anything else!

  3. No, no, whenever anyone does anything that remotely resembles something someone else has done, it is by definition a "complete rip-off".

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