I quite like Rowan Williams. Although I do wish he'd get his Church to stop obsessing about where consenting adults put their willies. Did Jesus ever even mention sexuality? I don't think he did. And maybe Paul mentioned it, like, once. As Chumbawamba once sang, "Homophobia ... The worst disease."

Anyway, the Archbishop has recently published a book entitled Dostoyevsky: Language, Faith and Fiction which looks decent enough. Via you can listen to the Archbishop talking to Susan Hitch nattering about the "conflicting ideas about spiritual regeneration and existentialism as embodied in the characters of his literary hero, the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky."

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  1. Michael Richards Tuesday 07 October 2008

    On a recent Today programme, some chap from an ad agency was promoting a competition to tell the story of the Nativity in thirty seconds, with a horse race commentary given as an example. This was supposed to attract the nation's yoof, some surprising percentage of which have no idea of the Christmas story. I thought then, and your post reminded me, that younger folk might be more attracted to the C of E were it not so homophobic, misogynistic and stuck somewhere between the middle ages and the Victorian period. As you say, Williams seems like a decent chap and is, I believe, a respected poet, but he seriously needs to exorcise some of the ghouls lurking in the darker corners of his Church if he wants to attract anyone to it.

  2. The problem is if he did that, they would lose all the members who like that aspect of it: the clear rules, the ability to believe without question.

    But like you both I respect Williams, an intelligent and sincere man.

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