The Associated Press released this just a few hours ago: "David Foster Wallace, the author best known for his 1996 novel Infinite Jest, was found dead in his home, according to police. He was 46." (More ...)

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  1. It's just such a terrible waste. His short story "Mr. Squishy" from Oblivion is such a deep insight into why the internet took off, as well as the consumer culture. The other stories in that book are all once off performances, without even bothering for an even tone of voice, a "mature style", etc. i.e. everything that you would expect an author that wants to be successful to do. I think we have just seen a giant nearly be, and then disappear into his own black hole.

  2. This is a profoundly sad and shocking thing. We are all so sad and lost as to the "Why?"

    He was someone who wrote courageously, for the sake of writing and not "Audience" (his work could be quite obtuse), and he was fearless in admirable ways in his art. He will be missed so much..

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