The Julia Briggs Memorial Prize 2009 will be awarded to the top essay on the topic of Virginia Woolf and the Common Reader in a competition sponsored by the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain. The competition is being held in memory of noted Woolf scholar Julia Briggs, who died in August (via Blogging Woolf).

Readers Comments

  1. Speaking, or indeed writing, as a common reader, I confess to have only read one work of Woolf's; that being 'To the Lighthouse' quite some time ago. I do suspect the commoner reader is more common than I, and is likely to have read even less Woolf: specifically nothing.
    I feel that with that point I have exhausted the topic of Virginia Woolf & the Common Reader, and can but hope it will be a point sufficiently incisive as to merit victory in the essay.

  2. I have read "To the Lighthouse," at the age of fifteen and before at fourteen, and have been accosted by friends who were astounded that I read a book of such a level. I find it sad that people no longer appreciate the literature put out for us by the authors of days past. Books like these are a bond that links us to the past.
    Virginia Woolf's writing is very descriptive; when you read her books, you feel as the character feels, and see what he sees. When she sits and knits, telling of the tranquility she has aquired, you too are at peace. That is the connection between the common reader and Virginia Woolf. That is the mark of truly good literature.

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