By all accounts I have an article over on the Picador blog, about Oliver Sacks and storytelling -- not that I can see it, mind! (Well, actually, I can, but weirdly I have to go via

It isn't too far off the mark to say that the humanities are a set of stories about how human beings live and work with other human beings. Fortuitously, that definition is loose enough to include much of social science and some hard science too. We tell stories about ourselves to help understand ourselves. This, of course, is one of the major justifications for literature.

Tomorrow, at 1pm, I'm on a panel at an English PEN event at the London Book Fair. (Do come and say hello if you are about.) And much of the rest of the week is meetings ...

So, you know, when you're done here at ReadySteadyBook, surf over to BritLitBlogs and see what everyone else is up to!

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  1. Enjoying Discovery of France by G. Robb. Wish I had not dashed through so swiftly en route to Italy, in days of my youth. Did not my namesake, Wm Smith bring out his geolocical map in 1815? Mr. R. would only be 7 years out. Just quibbling! Bill Smith

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