Should be writing? Easily distracted? Try Dark Room (via doshdosh):

I’m busy with some other projects now and instead of leaving the blog alone for several days, I thought I’ll do a quick post on a helpful tool that I’ve been using for more than a year.

It’s called Dark Room and its a minimalist fullscreen word processor which forces you to focus on the writing process and nothing else.

This free Windows/.Net application transforms your entire computer screen into a dark background and removes all the usual word processor toolbars and quick buttons. The only thing you’ll see is the words. I feel that it really improves my ability to concentrate on the blog post or school essay I’m writing.

Readers Comments

  1. Funny that you mention Dark Room now... I've been using it a lot recently - really helps to focus my writing (well, coding actually).

    Anything that prevents me clicking a "facebook" link has to be a good thing!

  2. I've been using WriteRoom — the Mac OS10 version of which Dark Room is a clone — since it came out, and it is a very useful little program indeed. Can only recommend it. — Pierre

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