Two from Lee Rourke: Lee's top 10 books on boredom (see his top ten books on London too); and a nice piece about Chris Marker's "photo-roman" La Jetée -- The film that thinks it's a novel.

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  1. Where can one buy "Walthamstow Central" by the way? Any idea?

  2. No Oblomov on the top 10 boredom books????

  3. It is only after I'd finished Oblomov that I could chuckle about how Goncharov's very careful, deliberately dull tracing of his laziness lead to the overall effect. I don't know if it was Goncharov's intention but while reading it, I think I napped as much as Oblomov. :)

  4. EG - I've had sooooo much stick from friends for not including that wonderful book about serfdom . . . The day that list was published I was handed that book - off of my own bookshelf! - by my girlfiend . . . Obviously I felt dreadful. How could I? - anyway, I did . . .

    Next time???


    Ps pretty sure Sharp's latest can be purchased at the Book Depository and Amazon.

  5. Thanks Lee, but it's not available at the moment. Hopefully, soon... I'd actually rather get it from the publisher but eh doesn't seem to have any online presence. Ah, well...

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