First published in English in 2006, Jörg Friedrich’s The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 will soon be available in paperback: "Upon publication of the hardcover edition of the book, Peter Dimock, the editor of The Fire, wrote the following essay discussing the book’s importance, its relevance to contemporary events, and how we think about the conduct of modern warfare..."

Sometimes an editor can feel in his bones when the prose on the page of a manuscript he is holding in his hands marks a possible turning point in the way the present decides to understand itself. I have been lucky enough to have had this feeling once or twice in the course of my twenty-two years in publishing. It happened again when, at the urging of another author, I and Columbia University Press took on the project of publishing the English-language edition of Jörg Friedrich’s The Fire.

The essay can be found on the Columbia University Press blog.

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  1. Thanks for this link, Mark. The book sounds fascinating (it might be interesting to read in conjunction with Nicholson Baker's latest, Human Smoke, though Friedrich's sounds more substantial).

    Incidentally, Peter Dimock wrote an interesting Vietnam novel, published by Dalkey, called A Short Rhetoric for Leaving the Family. Worth checking out.

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