Many readers of ReadySteadyBook are also readers of Stephen Mitchelmore's peerless This Space. You will have noticed, no doubt, that an uncharacteristic quiet has settled over Steve's blog of late. Sadly, this is because he was involved in a serious road accident on Saturday 19th January.

Steve was cycling near Ditchling Beacon, in thick fog, and was hit from behind by a car. He was taken to The Royal Sussex Hospital where he underwent a head scan. His broken arm was then plastered up and he was placed under observation for 48 hours. He was released from hospital, but a few days later readmitted when a fracture at the base of his skull was found. Happily, is he now out of hospital again, with his parents, and slowly recovering from his ordeal. I'm sure all readers will want to wish him well. However, if he ever scares me again like that, he's a dead man!

Readers Comments

  1. Thanks for the update, Mark. I'd been wondering and past beginning to worry. It sounds like it's been a horrible ordeal, but I'm relieved that he is recovering.

  2. I wondered why there have been no new posts for a while. Having been struck and badly mangled by a car a few years ago, hearing of a similar misfortune, my very bones respond in empathy. Good to know he's recovering, and thank you for this personal note.

  3. That second paragraph read quite shockingly when I only scanned the first and last few words. My best wishes to Steve.

  4. This is shocking news. I trust Steve makes a full recovery and eventually gets back to those marvellous posts which make us rethink the way we read and find meaning in narrative.

  5. Mark, thank you for letting us know. How awful to go through something like this. Hope Steven feels better and is mending.

  6. Swift recovery, Mr. Mitchelmore

  7. I had indeed noticed the uncharacteristic quiet and I'm shocked to learn of the reason for it. My best wishes to Steve.

  8. I did notice the silence over the last couple of weeks, with regret because Steve's blog is one I always look forward to reading for a real 'transfusion from above'. Best wishes to him for a swift recovery and return.

  9. Thanks for the update Mark. I was wondering about the silence. figured Steve must have been working on a big project...How upsetting. My thoughts are with him.

  10. What distressing news, although I am very relieved to hear that he is now recovering at home. Mark, if there is any way of sending my warmest wishes for his recovery, I'd like to do so. He is sorely missed in the community.

  11. holy crap. Get well soon sir.

  12. good to hear that he is on his way to recovery... my best wishes for the same.

  13. Dreadful news!!!!! I've sent him an email wishing him a speedy recovery . . .


  14. Sandra McDonald Monday 04 February 2008

    What an awful thing to happen. Thanks for updating us though Mark, like everyone else I too was increasingly uneasy with Steve's silence. Let's hope he makes a good and speedy recovery.

  15. matt (mountain7) Monday 04 February 2008

    Christ! Hope the boy gets better soon

  16. Here's wishing Steve a swift and safe recovery.

  17. Wishing him a speedy recovery

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