Tom McCarthy writes to tell me:

Since Calder is no longer allowed to sell its editions of Beckett's work after March this year (Faber will have exclusive rights), the Calder shop on The Cut is currently selling all of its Beckett stock half-price. You should tell your readers about it: it's a wonderful opportunity to pick up these beautiful and valuable (in the cultural and doubtless eventually the financial sense) books. When they're gone they're gone. I got the whole set today for £56, and was amazed not to see queues down the street, like at the Radiohead secret gig.

Readers Comments

  1. Too late for me, I already own everything, but I think it says a lot that people would queue up like that. I wonder how many other authors (J K Rowling excepted) especially dead authors would generate the same response?

  2. Jim, you misread that. I popped down there just now and I was the only one browsing. Came back with the Trilogy and some other Beckett bits and bobs - thanks for the tip!

  3. Any idea how much stock is still there? I'm considering the trip but I'd rather it didn't end in arriving to see empty shelves. Still I've never been to a Calder book store before which is a bit scandalous in itself I suppose.

  4. I went along last night and they still had plenty of copies in stock.

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