I missed this, so I guess that one or two of you might have missed it as well: John Sutherland meets Franco Moretti.

Moretti has spoken previously of making criticism less like a Platonic academy, and more like a laboratory. But what does he mean by that? "A Platonic academy, or symposium," he says, "is a group of people sitting round a table discussing ideas, which is a great thing to do. But it may have run its course, historically. What I mean by talking about laboratories is that larger and larger banks of data are becoming available, and we have absolutely no idea of how to deal with them. In just a few years, all the texts in existence will be online, and searchable. We really do not know how to pose useful questions to that mass of information.

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  1. "So is Moretti suggesting a kind of "macro-criticism", which can know the whole of literature without undertaking the Herculean task of reading it all?"

    That old chestnut? Anyone who's studied literature knows the guilty pleasure of pontificating on a work that you haven't read...

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