From the Independent newspaper:

Terry Eagleton ... attacks Amis's father Kingsley as "a racist, anti-Semitic boor, a drink-sodden, self-hating reviler of women, gays and liberals". He adds that he believes that "Amis fils has clearly learnt more from him than how to turn a shapely phrase".

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  1. Well said, Terry!


  2. I think it's a bit presumptuous of Eagleton to shoot down Martin Amis and his pint-toting father. Terry is, after all, as a literature professor, a beneficiary of the British Empire. If he's so Marxist, why is he so teaching at an imperialist university? It's easy to look back at an earlier age with scorn and say they were the racists, they were the misogynists, no flecks on my mirror -- no sir. If he hates the Amises so much, why doesn't he write a novel against them? As the postmodern-fashionably derided Pope said (I think it was Pope -- correct me if I'm wrong), "The best criticism of a poem is another poem." That's how you undo racism, misogyny, et. al. With courage, error and humanity -- much better than this knife in the back lit-crit bullshit. And who cares if Kingsley was a drunk? I bet Eagleton can't hold a half-pint while he's hitting on his students in a university bar: "Yeah, baby I'm a Marxist. Marxists are cool, right? Free love and all that. It's about sharing. I told those Amises what tuh ..." [Scene ends with the sound of a pompous ass falling off his bar stool following the sound of a loud slap] Eagleton. What a name? Shoud have been a jet pilot. Would have sank like a dead lead weight.

  3. Not a very accurate of Kingsley Amis, actually. Eagleton himself used to be a drunk so pots and kettles come to mind. K.A. said of Elizabeth Taylor, when someone said she wasn't an important writier: "Importance isn't important. Good writing is." Even if Eagleton's accusations are true they aren't important for the same reason.

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