Kafka biographer, and RSB interviewee, Nicholas Murray now has a blog. Visit him at The Bibliophilic Blogger.

Nicholas -- welcome to the 'sphere!

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  1. Nicholas Murray Friday 20 July 2007

    Thank you, Mark, for that welcome. I am feeling my way and so far have just been posting some general items. I hope to develop some genuine dialogues through this and attain the level set by the other BritLitBlogs and ReadySteadyBook itself which is a fine role model for serious discussions rather than narcissistic self-advertisement.

  2. No, for real narcissistic self-advertisement one needs to publish a book :)

  3. Nicholas Murray Friday 20 July 2007

    Ouch! [sorry, I did sound a bit pompous, I meant that some blogs are a bit inward-looking whereas the interesting ones seem to focus outwards and talk about wider issues but I suppose you have to be a little bit personal in order to get people interested at all.]

  4. Nicholas, I think Steve was teasing!

    Steve: you be nice! ;-)

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