Last week, I dedicated much of the blog to a five-part (first part, second part, third part, fourth part and fifth part) interview with Dan Hind, author of The Threat to Reason (Verso). I devoted so much space to this feature because I think Dan's book, though flawed, is a very important response to much of the nonsence currently being poured forth in the name of so-called reason. Also, I really liked the format! So, a question to you guys: did you like the format too? Is this something I should do again with other authors? Do, please, let me know.

Readers Comments

  1. Yes, very much, Mark. It's so rare authors get a full presentation anywhere and it really gave me the opportunity to know about Dan's work in depth. I got a lot from this. His ideas are important, and at least here in the States, we just don't get this kind of coverage, more like "sound bites". The NY Times has openly admitted that they won't even review a book like this because it's too "narrow"--yet whatever meager space is left in the Book there section goes mostly to hyped books. Please do continue. It's a great antidote to the pattern I see here of neglecting thoughtful writers and work, for commercial reasons

  2. I meant to comment yesterday, but got busy.

    Yes, I did think this was a good format for this. I enjoyed reading the interview, and I like that you took the time and space to devote several posts to a book like this.

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