Catherine Tate as Donna, the runaway bride

Completely concurring with Emma over on the Snowblog who said yesterday:

Words cannot convey the horror, shock, sadness and derision I feel upon hearing that Catherine Tate is going to be the new Companion. I utterly give up. Russell T Davies, you are *ruining* Doctor Who and it's not yours to ruin. It's going to be dire. I am so mad.

Tate seems such a backward step to me. Her annoying mannerisms (and, jeez, Donna the runaway bride was such an annoying character) coupled with her limited actorly range (plainly, I'm out of my depth talking about the telly!) surely mean that the new Companion will move Doctor Who back towards the sillier plots and away from the recent darker episodes.

Carey Mulligan, star of the Blink episode

Why can't it have been Carey Mulligan (who did such a splendid job as Sally Sparrow in Steven Moffat's excellent Blink episode)?

Don't do too much TV, but I do like my Who ... and this has pissed me off!

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  1. Not a Who addict but for some reason this got my goat as well! Mainly cos I hate Tate's stuff - fundamentally it doesn't make me laugh, it's far too 'actorly' and self-regarding (horrendous flashbacks to Emma Thompson's mercifully short-lived comedy series) where the viewer is clearly supposed to find pleasure in her over-wrought performances of a wide range of characters, rather than any comic lines. Plus she falls into that category of comics who entertain the middle classes by mocking the working classes (see also Little Britain, Harry Enfield, etc) - ugh. Btw, full marks for not heading your post 'bovvered'.

  2. Can't speak to her companion-worthiness, but she is awfully unfunny. I don't understand this weird dichotomy in British comedy that can produce Catherine Tate *and* Julia Davis. Davis was brilliant with Rob Brydon in Human Remains.

  3. hello. i'm a big fan of catherine tate. kultur films, is releasing a new set of hers. check it out...

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