No, not Mark E Smith's seminal band, not Camus' modern classic, nor our separation from the state of grace (if you believe such gubbins), but my own personal tumble: I fell over a baby-gate, down our staircase, and I hurt everywhere. My bruises have bruises, and I'm very miserable. I fear a cracked rib, but Mrs Book reckons not. Don't think that this hasn't brought the drama queen out in me: I could have died!

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  1. Horrible. Ibuprofen. Doctor--now. Soothing wishes, p
    P.S. Baby-gate? For Lola?

  2. How awful, sorry to hear about your fall Mark... so glad you didn't break anything (bones and/or banister) and that you didn't die!

    I too am curious about the baby-gate though.

  3. Thanks guys! Yes, the baby-gate is a puppy-gate. Lola is a fiend at getting up the stairs so the gate was extra-fortified with a metal barricade. A trip was inevitable: I jumped over it, caught (and broke) my watch, and landed in a big, fat heap!

  4. Ellie Robins Monday 02 July 2007

    Poor you! Milk it for all it's worth, I say. hope you feel better soon.


  5. Mark, how awful. Do take care of yourself! Lots of "get wells" from here!


  6. Hope you feel better soon Mark!

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