I keep hearing intriguing things about Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book The Black Swan. Frustratingly, my copy hasn't landed yet, so I can't tell you much, but there is a small interview with Nassim over on the Penguin website:

Q: The Black Swan is an intriguing title - can you give us an overview of what a black swan looks like?

A: The Black Swan is about these unexpected events that end up controlling our lives, the world, the economy, history, everything. Before they happen we consider them close to impossible; after they happen we think that they were predictable and partake of a larger scheme. They are rare, but their impact is monstrous. My main problem is: We don't know that these events play such a large role. Why are we blind to them?

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  1. dovegreyreader Monday 18 June 2007

    I think I've been offered a review copy of this, it just looked so intriguing I couldn't resist.

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