Goodness! What a miserable, rainy day. And I'm a little hungover to boot. So, I should tell you a little about one of my books of the week, the "Time Out" 1000 Books to Change Your Life (edited by Jonathan Derbyshire), shouldn't I? This is noteworthy for me as I have the lead essay in the Death chapter (the book is themed in seven chapters: birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age, old age and death) with a piece entitled The Art of Dying. My first time in print in a proper book: yay! The article is a not-very-inspired, vaguely chronological meandering through world literature starting with Dante and passing via Poe and Hardy onto Beckett and ending with Ted Hughes. You're not missing much. The book itself is quite handsome inside (awful bloody cover though) with lots of photos and full colour book cover reproductions. I'm not sure we really need another book of lists in the world but, as they go, this aint a bad one.

Readers Comments

  1. Congratulations Mark! Although I have to say I'm glad I'm not your publicist - the phrase "damning with faint praise" springs to mind! ; )

  2. Hiya Dan,

    Hehehe -- the book has got some nice essays and other bits in it, I'm just vaguely embarrassed about banging on about it as I'm a contributor (of doubtful worth!)


  3. I'm really pleased for you! It's great! AND the funny thing is - I may not be working on your book, but Publishers Group Canada who I happen to share an office with in Toronto sure are! I just saw it on someone's desk... I'm off to see if I can 'buy' a copy...

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