I just did a wee, capsule review of Geoffrey Wheatcroft's Yo, Blair! over at The Book Depository:

Geoffrey Wheatcroft's Yo, Blair! is a caustic, bitter satire of Tony Blair and his ten terrible years in power: "a blast on the trumpet about the most disastrous premiership of modern times." The title, of course, refers to that totemic moment when the American President George Bush greeted Blair with those eponymous words at the St. Petersburg summit in 2006. Spun as merely a friendly acknowledgement, the phrase seemed to indicate so much more: Blair was subservient to Bush in every way. The ruinous war in Iraq, that Blair backed knowing full well it was illegal, showed that when the Americans said jump, Blair blindly rushed forward to shout how high. Wheatcroft shows that the "calamitous Blair decade" has been defined by absurd foreign adventures: "While Blair is not a fascist himself ... he and his party have continually if unconciously echoed the language of fascism." This is an often funny book, but the humour is black and the tone is angry. Yo, Blair! is very well done; biting satire is the very least Blair deserves.

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