I've been wandering the country meeting publishers again: last week I was down in Big London (seeing Hesperus, Faber, Random House, Dalkey and Penguin -- and running into friends who work for Peter Owen and Verso); yesterday I was in Oxford (OUP, of course!)

Mostly, I've been meeting folk with my Book Depository hat on, talking about business stuff, but, as you'd expect, there has been much chatter about blogging too (the excellent American-based OUPblog is well worth checking out if you don't know it). And whenever book people get together there is, inevitably, blather about books as well: Dalkey keep telling me wonderful things about Aidan Higgins; Peter Owen are excited about Anna Kavan's Guilty (some great photographs of Kavan over on the Peter Owen blog, btw).

Interesting gossip garnered (well, nothing very juicy I'm afraid): Hesperus are finding their feet with their new blog (which I wrote about over on Editor's Corner earlier today); OUP's American-based blog is soon to add British voices to the mix; Faber are working on an improved website as we speak; and Random House are just about to launch ("the official book shop for The Random House Group").

Readers Comments

  1. It was also your birthday you coy mistress. You should announce it, someone might send you a cake. A prize for the best literary themed caption that can be written in butter icing?

    'Well I abhor the flavour but I'd fight to the death for your right to bake it.' Ouch.

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    Is this online tool available yet? Can you please advise me. It would be very good to have this tool. Thank you.

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