As you may have noted, April is National Poetry Month over in the US. Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux have launched a National Poetry Month blog called The Best Words in their Best Order. They promise:

... a lot of great stuff planned for the month, including newly recorded audio from many of FSG's frontlist poets. Posts this week include Seamus Heaney, reading both his own poem and one by Ted Hughes; Thom Gunn (recorded in 1996) reading Elizabeth Bishop; and alternate cover art for Frederick Seidel's recent collection Ooga-Booga. Derek Walcott, Paul Muldoon, Yves Bonnefoy (reading in French!), Gjertrud Schnackenberg, and C.K. Williams are all to come.

Readers Comments

  1. YB is certainly reading in French along with his latest translator Hoyt Rogers. Hoyt's excellent translation of Les Planches courbes, Curved Planks, is published by Farrar SG.

  2. I'm giving away a free copy of 'The Curved Planks' to whoever translates the title of one of Bonnefoy's poems in the most interesting way. Visit
    to enter!

  3. The Bonnefoy poem you linked to, "Let this World Endure," was my wekley winner in last year's Daily Poem project. I still have a feeling of the atmosphere, although I did not reread it just now. And I remember how that strange chill crept up my spine and released its energy all over my scalp; that chill that you get whenever you hear or read something so beautiful that you just want to be the thing you hear or read.That's probably what they call bliss.

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