There has been a new addition to the RSB team. Meet Lola, a 9-week-old German Spitz (Mittel). Lola has been brought in to deal with illiterate journalists, fools, and other riff-raff!


Readers Comments

  1. I think we are a cheerless lot to have had this post up for two days and not said a hearty, welcoming WOOF to the new RSB recruit. Bwt and Monty (border collies) join me in this sentiment and send fraternal greetings.

  2. Thanks Paul. I promise that RSB won't become a Lola fansite, but she is adorable. And naughty!

  3. Nicola Hollins Thursday 12 April 2007

    Who is this clean, neat and tidy creature playing nicely with her OWN toys? This cannot be our Lola. Well done Mr Book, for managing to get on with your work with a hyperactive fluffball hanging off the leg of your trousers. Mrs Book.

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