A friend says to me, "you must read really quickly." I don't. Truly. Actually, it seems to me that I'm quite a slow reader. I read a lot, for sure, but I don't think I read very quickly. On average, about 30 pages an hour. Isn't that really quite slow?

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  1. The speed of my reading boils down to whether I want to consume, remember and understand the content.

    I'm generally a slow reader of print-media, but a demon reading the screen (web content).

  2. I read at just about that speed, although some of my friends can do more like 2 pages per minute. I remember when i used to go to Salford from Preston everyday on the train, I could read ~20 pages of an non-fiction book or a mainstream novel, but 40 pages of a science fiction novel, which tells us something either about me or science fiction.


  3. dovegreyreader Friday 30 March 2007

    I did a sad thing when I had to read Dombey and Son & Middlemarch back to back within weeks and timed myself to pages per hour and then did the sums to see how long I would need. Things were desperate you understand but at full whack I did manage 60 pages an hour but it wasn't fun. Much now depends on the book itself, some allow me to steam through, others slow me down and require really careful reading. I'm always mindful of the hours the writer has put in for my benefit so I feel I owe it to them to do it justice.

  4. .034 words per second, depending on each word being on average 5 letters.

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