There is an excerpt of Lee Smollin's The Trouble with Physics over at Smollin was briefly interviewed on the BBC's Leading Edge yesterday. The book, in case you don't know, is an attack on the ubiquity of String Theory in physics (cf. Peter Woit's Not Even Wrong). String Theory is the attempt, within physics, to find a unifying Theory of Everything. The very idea, to me, is wrong-headed, but A New Theory of the Universe ("Biocentrism builds on quantum physics by putting life into the equation") has, nonetheless, just been proposed by Robert Lanza.

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  1. "The very idea, to me, is wrong-headed"

    Shrug. I'm inclined to agree but it's not as if the idea is new; I believe we used to call it 'religion.'

  2. The idea "within physics" (to find a unifying Theory of Everything), Richard. Dude, learn to read!

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