I really, really should say more about film here on t'blog! In the meantime, here is k-punk on Children of Men:

British cinema, for the last thirty years as chronically sterile as the issueless popluation in Children of Men, has not produced a version of the apocalypse that is even remotely as well realised as this. You would have to turn to television - to the last Quatermass serial or to Threads, almost certainly the most harrowing television programme ever broadcast on British TV - for a vision of British society in collapse that is as compelling. Yet the comparison between Children of Men and these two predecessors points to what is unique about the film; the final Quatermass serial and Threads still belonged to Nuttall's bomb culture, but the anxieties with which Children of Men deals have nothing to do with nuclear war.

Readers Comments

  1. Brilliant, isn't it? Definitely my film of last year.

    The final, extended battle scenes are awe-inspiring, but for me, the real kick are the references to contemporary issues (the naked prisoners being menaced with a dog outside the camp, for interest), making them devastatingly clear without interfering with the story.

  2. Gordonii Hoodia Saturday 18 August 2007

    Excellent movie !

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