I'm just going through the up-and-coming book releases for the next few months so that I can make sure we get good, timely author interviews and book reviews etc. up on The Book Depository site. There are bucketloads of shiney, new releases, as there always are, but I've not spotted anything yet that really gets me very excited at all. So, a quick plea: have any of you good folk noticed any really good books, especially fiction, coming in the next few months? I've got plenty of information on the new Iain Banks, Tracy Chevalier, Dan Rhodes, Steven Saylor and similar guff, but nothing very RSB-esque is jumping out. Help!

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  1. Well there's Rosalind Belben's "Our Horses in Egypt" next month from Chatto & Windus. David Plante once said: "I can't think of anyone writing in English (with the possible exception of Beckett) whose prose is as beautiful." That's how I feel too - and her prose is unique like Beckett's.

  2. Joshua Cohen's Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto, Fugue State Press, is the best debut novel I've read in years. It's out in January, and it's fantastic: an exploration of a composer's death from the POV of an old violinist. Wrenching, and absolutely hilarious.

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