Which are the best science books? Last night, at Imperial College in London (according to the BBC's Material World website) Tim Radford, former science editor of The Guardian, and Armand Leroi battled out which book can take the title of The Best Science Book Ever:

Tim’s choices:
The Double Helix – James Watson (Penguin)
Of a Fire on the Moon – Norman Mailer (out of print)
The Periodic Table – Primo Levi (Abacus)

Armand’s choices:
Artforms in Nature – Ernst Haeckel (Dover)
Pluto’s Republic – P. B. Medawar (out of print)
King Solomon’s Ring – Konrad Lorenz (Routledge)

Readers Comments

  1. Oh, no room for Stephen Jay Gould or Steven Rose, then...

  2. Well, no room in their wee lists, no! I've just started Brian Green's The Elegant Universe which I've heard very good things about ...

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