The idea of eBooks absolutely does not appeal, especially with the current crop of eBook readers being so shoddy (if I was going to invest in, say, a Sony Reader, I'd really need it to be able to hook up to the Network; indeed, I'd need it to be a laptop/reader hybrid), but y'all might be interested in this, via Holtzbrinck Online (the "Internet Marketing Department of Holtzbrinck Publishers [Farrar Straus and Giroux, Henry Holt and Company, Picador, St Martin's Press, Tor Books]):

Simon & Schuster yesterday launched a blog dedicated to eBooks. In one of their first posts, Claire Israel, Director of Digital Content, makes the case for eBooks, writing, "Because life is hectic, and while I may not have hours in a row to read daily, I have snatches of time in the oddest places, and I don’t always have a bulky book with me. But I always have something beeping or ringing or buzzing on me which may be able to hold volumes of books. And there are just too many that I want to read to limit myself to a life of only paper." I totally agree ... Vist the Simon & Schuster eBook blog.

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  1. I have a pocket pc, that I originally purchased as an ebook reader. Now, I find that I use it all the time and am often downloading books from my public library and the Gutenberg Project. Not all books are meant to be read on a small device like that, though. I found that Ullyses was a huge mistake!

  2. Seriously, JMF, I don't know how you do it! I get fed up looking at this damn laptop, I can't imagine reading via it or some other device like it. God bless the Gutenberg Project, though!

    The if:book site has more on readers (and iPods) today:

  3. Good morning,
    I am of same opinion that Mark, I can not read through Laptop. The screen is too small. Ok on PC with full screen 17' or better 19'. But Gutenberg project is great!

  4. I Love eBook technology! I love being able to have a number of books at my finger tips. The Readers however, are a problem. The best one I have found is the Cybook Gen3. Great! And you can buy & download books from any ebook retailer.

  5. I too love being able to have a number of books at my finger tips... I totally Agree!!

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