I met the guys behind Transmission, Dan McTiernan and Graham Foster, at the Manchester Independent Book Market, back on the 2nd September:

Transmission is one of the most exciting and innovative literature magazines being printed in Manchester. Established as a not-for-profit venture, the creators of Transmission are dedicated to providing a high quality medium for aspiring writers and artists to display their talents. The publication combines original and varied writing with quality illustration and snappy design.

Certainly, the Transmission boys are trying to do an interesting thing, combining new, local (North of England-based writers) work (of mixed quality) with a fairly literary magazine (eg interviews with Sarah Waters and Anthony Burgess´s new biographer Andrew Biswell and writing guidance from RSB interviewee Michael Schmidt). I'm not convinced yet, however, that they've fully proved themselves. What would be nice was if the contents for the sold-out early issues were put online, then you'd all be able to check it out.

Readers Comments

  1. Thanks, looks like one to watch.

  2. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the review.

    Could you please edit the post to correct the following:

    "I met the guys behind Transmission, Dan McTiernan and Graham Foster"


    "I met the guys behind Transmission, Graham Foster and Jo Phillips"

    Dan left the magazine some time ago now.


  3. Hi Transmission,

    Well, you've edited it for me with this comment! Good luck at Transmission Jo! When I see a copy of the new mag (issue 6 is just out I believe), I'll review that more fully for you ...

    all best


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