Larry Law's renowned series of situationist booklets, Spectacular Times, are online over at cornersoul. I tried to take a nostalgic peak at Bigger Cages Longer Chains but, frustratingly, it took an age to download (the text seems to have been captured as images of each individual page) ...

The world is full of ideologies that claim to offer freedom, but in reality simply offer us bigger cages and longer chains. The demand for an end to cages and chains may seem idealistic to some people, but the real idealists are those who think we can carry on as we are.

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  1. Spooky,

    I was just thinking about Larry Law and Spectacular Times when seeing the attendant fall out from the Paris Hilton prank by Banksy. I wonder if he knew of Law's work. he must have.

    Inveresk Street Ingrate Blog

  2. Anybody know another site hosting the Spectacular Times? An email about it wouldnt also not be too bad :)

  3. Hello there

    Unfortunately the cornersoul website has gone now but you can find most of the Spectacular Times series on They are basically the same booklets I scanned way back so apols if they are slow to load. Also put them in a readable PDF format that might be easier for some. It's difficult to know how to show them on a website as most of the booklets are a collage of text and images, and don't work as text only. Any suggestions on how they could be made more accessible are welcome. Cheers

  4. I've put some on Go to

    Hope that helps spread the word....

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